My Fees

You should know, up front, how much legal representation will cost.

My fee is $2500 for most misdemeanor cases including first offense DWI or Domestic Violence cases.

For a flat fee, I do all the investigation and court appearances needed to fully and competently represent you.

I will spend as much time as we need to discuss your case and fully explain all possible steps we can take and advise you on exactly what I think is best for your unique situation. I will answer all your questions about the case. My fee includes all police reports and video copies. There are rarely any costs beyond those included in my fee for misdemeanors cases but if there are, I will carefully explain them to you before any costs are incurred.

Most cases have several charges included in one case. For example; if you are charged with DWI, you might also be charged with speeding and having no insurance in the same case. These additional charges are included in the fee. Sandoval and Rio Rancho cases do not cost more.

Some cases may cost more. Factors that MIGHT increase the cost of my representation includes:

  • Courts outside of the Albuquerque Area take substantially more travel time and are generally more time consuming to litigate in.
  • Second and subsequent offenses.
  • Prior offenses or a criminal history on your record.
  • Cases that are complex due to multiple charges or many people involved.
  • Situations where there is more than one case pending (not more than one charge in the same case)
  • The fee never includes appeals.


Because I keep my fees low, I prefer that all fees are paid in full at the time we enter into an Attorney-Client relationship contract. I will try to accommodate reasonable variations depending on your situation.

We will always have a written agreement so that you know what I will be doing for you.